Zen: The Solitary Bird, Cuckoo of the Forest

Zen: The Solitary Bird, Cuckoo of the ForestPart of the five-volume set 'The World of Zen'

In this series Osho takes us deeply into the mysteries of the inner world. He explains that the existence of the mind is peripheral
– it can exist only on the circumference of our consciousness –
a fine instrument for outside inquiry, but inhibiting to the internal search. In those moments when we enter our being, it disappears. This is meditation.

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  Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt

Zen: The Diamond ThunderboltPart of the five-volume set 'The World of Zen'

The 'diamond thunderbolt' is that experience in which it is as if one is shocked out of one's spiritual sleep and catapulted into the mystery of existence. Through anecdotes and joke-telling, Osho creates a milieu in which that can happen.

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  Ancient Music in the Pines

Zen: The Quantum Leap From Mind to No-MindOf the ultimate realization of Zen, Osho says,
'Suddenly you become aware of a music
that has always surrounded you...
Your heart throbs in the same rhythm as the heart of the whole.'

This essential Zen reader is also about a number of other themes – cowardice, boredom and restlessness, recognition and rejection, maturity and moving from the non-essential to the essential.

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  Zen: The Quantum Leap From Mind to No-Mind

Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt

Osho’s extraordinary talks on Zen are recognized works
of genius, studied in Zen monasteries and universities and throughout the world. His inspiring books cover everything from the wisdom of the world’s mystics to answers to intensely personal questions about meditation and the inner search. His unique authenticity touches the reader in a way no other can.

Self-transformation, explains Osho, can only happen when we make a conscious jump from mind to no-mind, from the ego to our inner being.

'Put the mind aside, and suddenly you can see the truth which mind was blocking. As far as Zen is concerned, mind is a block to reality. Except mind, nobody is hindering you declaring your buddhahood this very moment. '

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  The Zen Manifesto: Freedom From Oneself
Osho's last discourses

The Zen Manifesto: Freedom From Oneself Osho's last discourseThe last chapter of this book, Osho's last discourse, was originally titled
'The Awakening of the Buddha'.

'Zen has nothing to do with the mind... It is the lion's roar.
And the greatest thing that Zen has brought into the world is freedom from oneself.'

The Zen Manifesto is a collection of the last discourses of Osho with his last publicly spoken words. In this culmination of his insights into Zen he makes it clear that the West's comprehension of Zen is still confined to intellectual appreciation. To prove it, Osho takes on such respected members of the Western Zen establishment as D.T. Suzuki, Thomas Merton, Paul Reps, Alan Watts and Nancy Wilson-Ross.

'As you savor the chapters, you'll discover that Osho is like a Zen archer. Almost poetically he circles his target, surveying it over and over again from many positions before he draws back his bow and lets the arrow fly.'
Robert Rimmer, USA. Author of 'The Harrad Experiment'
and 'Proposition 31'

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