This. This. A Thousand Times This

The MiracleThe Very Essence of Zen

Osho now introduces us to his new meditation, the Mystic Rose Meditation Therapy.

“All that you have is the purity of this-ness – this moment.” Osho

Osho’s extraordinary talks on Zen are recognized works of genius, studied in Zen monasteries and universities and throughout the world. His inspiring books cover everything from the wisdom of the world’s mystics to answers to intensely personal questions about meditation and the inner search. His unique authenticity touches the reader in a way no other can.

Zen, meditation, is “the great adventure” – the adventure of turning in and discovering the treasures hidden within each one of us. In this book Osho explains the limitations of the intellect, and shows how to explore the dimensions that lie beyond it, inviting us to experience that we are much more than our minds

I am giving you a second new meditation – because since Gautam Buddha, not a single new meditation has been evolved. This meditation will be the preface for the coming series on Zen.

Zen means your very essence, your very being.

I have talked about the meditation, and a group of people have done it for twenty-one days. But all of you have not been participants. At the beginning of this series, be a participant in this meditation called the Mystic Rose.

It has four steps. All are designed for a particular purpose: to bring out all the poison from your being that has been injected by every generation for centuries. Laughter is the first step. One of the great writers, NormanCousins, has written just now of his life-long experiment: that if he laughs for just twenty minutes without any reason, all his tensions disappear. His consciousness grows; the dust disappears.

You will see it for yourself. If you can laugh without any reason, you will see something repressed within you… From your very childhood you have been told not to laugh: “Be serious!” You have to come out of that repressive conditioning.

The second step is tears. Tears have been repressed even more deeply. It has been told to us that tears are a symptom of weakness. They are not. Tears can cleanse not only your eyes, but your heart too. They soften you, they are a biological strategy to keep you clean, to keep you unburdened.

It is now a well-known fact that fewer women go mad than men. And the reason has been found to be that women can cry and weep more easily than men. Even to the small child it is said, “Be a man! Don’t cry like a woman!” But if you look at the physiology of your body, you have the same glands full of tears whether you are man or woman.

It has been found that fewer women commit suicide than men, and of course, no woman in history has been the cause of founding violent religions, wars, massacres.

If the whole world can learn to cry and weep again it will be a tremendous transformation, a metamorphosis. The third step is silence. I have called it “The Watcher on the Hills.” Become as silent as you are alone, on the top of an Himalayan peak – utterly silent and alone, just watching, listening…sensitive, but still.

And the fourth step is let-go.

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  Zen: Zest, Zip, Zap & Zing

Turning In

Osho devotes this series of talks to responding to seeker’s questions on a whole range of topics - innocence, freedom, love, sex, compassion and women. He also talks of his vision of India and his personal "philosia" - life, love and laughter.
While these talks were being given one of Osho’s beloved disciples died, Anand Vimalkirti, who attained enlightenment at the moment of his death. Osho speaks in this book on Vimalkirti’s life and death, encouraging those listening to accept, embrace and celebrate both of these existential phenomena of living and dying.

Zen is not a religion - drop that idea. Zen is not a church - drop that idea.
Zen is a totally different approach.
It is life; it is synonymous with life.
It is living life with such intensity that your ego disappears in it, is burnt out, that you dissolve into life, that you are consumed by the fire of life.
And only then can you know what a beautiful existence has been given to you as a gift.
It is a sheer joy then, each moment... Each moment then is paradise.
Paradise is now or never

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  The Miracle

The MiraclePart of the five-volume set,
Zen: All The Colors of the Rainbow

In this unique world of Zen, masters with strange sounding names and even stranger behavior ask disciples odd questions and then hit them – whether their answers are right or wrong! Osho deciphers the great game Zen masters play with their disciples and elucidates the central message of Zen – 'nothingness.' He also talks on students and disciples, and the role of a spiritual master and how the energy field of an enlightened being can affect the whole world.

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  Turning In

Turning In
Part of the five-volume set,
Zen: All The Colors of the Rainbow

In these eight talks, each of which is based on the sayings of a different enlightened Zen master, Osho gives detailed explanations of the Zen method of meditation, 'turning in.' He outlines the development of man's mind, and emphasizes that meditation is essential not only for the growth of the individual,
but ultimately for the survival of the planet.

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  The Language of Existence

The Language of ExistencePart of the five-volume set,
Zen: All The Colors of the Rainbow

Nine discourses based on anecdotes of both famous and little-known Zen masters. Many of these stories were previously only available in Japanese and were translated specially for these talks.
In his discussion of these stories Osho gives meditation techniques to help understand and go beyond death, as well as techniques to be used in everyday life. This book also contains radical insights into the problem of drugs and Osho presents a revolutionary solution.

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#B4131$14.95 Hardcover


  The Buddha: The Emptiness of the Heart

The Buddha: The Emptiness of the Heart
Part of the five-volume set,
Zen: All The Colors of the Rainbow

In this particularly potent dose of Zen, Osho challenges the reader to know the 'empty heart,' the door to eternity that exists within everyone. Using stories and haikus from past Zen masters, Osho reveals the relevance of Zen for the contemporary world.
He separates Zen from all the other religions in the world, stating that they are obsolete, whereas Zen as he presents it is an alive phenomenon.

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  Zen: The Mystery and The Poetry of The Beyond

Zen: The Mystery and The Poetry of the Beyond

Through enigmatic Zen anecdotes and questions from his disciples, Osho exposes the narrow-mindedness of organized religions and sheds new light on the ecological and social crises of today.

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