Take It Easy Vol. 1 & 2

Take It Easy Vol. 1 & 2Talks on Zen Buddhism

In these delightful and playful talks, available for the first time in one volume, Osho introduces the mystery, the wonder, and the emptiness that is Zen. He uses the poetry of one of the most outrageous Zen masters, Ikkyu, to show the ways and methods a Zen master uses to permanently transform, rather than simply inform.

Osho and Ikkyu’s whole message is about how to experience the essence of emptiness: that blissful state of no-mind where all old conditionings are gone and man is free just to be himself. As Osho speaks of Ikkyu, and answers people’s questions, he is also speaking of himself. As he speaks of who Ikkyu is, he is revealing more about himself.

These talks can change the life of anyone who has an open mind. Osho’s words are a fire that burns away old enslaving concepts, and fears that have constricted people’s lives for millenia. He gives a fresh, new understanding of himself, and shows how each person can find the way to light his own path.

Lao Tzu says: To find truth, one need not go out of his room. One need not even open the door, one need not even open his eyes – because truth is your being. To know it is buddhahood.

Remember it: the statements of Zen masters are not statements in the ordinary use of the word. They are not to convey something that you don’t know. They are to shock you, provoke you, into a new quality of consciousness.


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  Live Zen

The Search on the Bulls of Zen‘It is one of the most fundamental things to be remembered by all of you that a religion is living only when there is no organized doctrine, no system of beliefs, no dogma, no theology. When there is just this silence and the trees enjoying the dance in the breeze, in your heart something grows. It is your own, it does not come from any scripture; nobody can give it to you because it is not knowledge. That is the greatest difference between all the religions on one side and Zen on the other side.

All religions except Zen are dead

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  Hsin Hsin Ming: The Book of Nothing

Hsin Hsin Ming: The Book of NothingTalks on the Faith Mind of Sosan

'If I were to save only two books from the whole world of the mystics, one would be Sosan's Hsin Hsin Ming,' Osho says.
'It contains the quintessence of Zen, the path of awareness and meditation...the very soul of Zen.' Himself a master of both words and silence, Osho builds a bridge between the modern, chattering mind and the infinite no-mind of Sosan through these Zen sutras – the only words uttered by Sosan, the 6th-century Chinese mystic and third Chinese patriarch.


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  The Search: The Ten Bulls of Zen

The Search on the Bulls of ZenThe ten paintings that tell the famous Zen story of a farmer in search of his lost bull provide an allegorical expression of the search for enlightenment. Originally Taoist, The Ten Bulls were repainted by the 12th-century Chinese Zen master, Kakuan, and first appeared in the West in American author, Paul Reps' book, Zen Flesh, Zen Bones. These discourses are Osho's commentaries on the paintings, and on the poetry and prose which accompany them in Paul Reps' book. In answering the question, 'Why am I here?' Osho dismantles not only this but probably every 'why' the mind can contrive. There is a beautiful talk about the relation between discipline and awareness; another about Tantra and Yoga, the path of love and the path of meditation and where they meet.

'You'll learn more about yourself reading one chapter of 'The Search' than you will reading a dozen ordinary books on Zen.'
Carol Neiman, author of 'Afterlife' and 'Miracles.'

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  The Original Man

The Original ManPart of the five-volume set,
Zen: All The Colors of the Rainbow

What's so original about the original man?
Only that on finding him within yourself, you find everything worth discovering.
But he exhorts his audience not to take his word for it, rather to experience it for themselves. Osho traces Zen from its beginnings with Bodhidharma in China through a succession of masters and poets. Seemingly absurd Zen statements and devices are all shown as techniques used in specific situations with different types of seekers to jolt them out of spiritual sleep.
These discourses based on anecdotes about masters and their disciples aren't about Zen, they are it.

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The God Conspiracy

The Path from Superstition to Super Consciousness

A Man of many climatesNot believing, but only experiencing, says Osho in this inspiring book, is a way of finding truth and meaning. While Nietzsche's declaration that "God is dead, therefore man is free" was an incredible step in understanding, he argues, it is in itself a negative solution and does not bring freedom.

Simply removing God is not enough. In The God Conspiracy, Osho offers a solution beyond Nietzsche — meditation, a direct connection with existence itself. Here he shows how Zen and meditation allow us to find meaning and significance, creativity, receptivity, and a path to freedom.

Zen has no God, but it has a tremendous power to transform our consciousness, to bring so much awareness that committing evil becomes inconceivable. This book argues persuasively that transformation cannot be imposed, but must come from one’s innermost being and understanding

Excerpt: Two questions on the subject of God.

Is it possible for man to live without God?

Yes. In fact, it is only possible for man to live without God. A man with God does not live, he hesitates on every point of living, he is just half-hearted.

He is making love and worried about hell. How can he love a woman when the Bible goes on saying that the woman is the gateway to hell? He is making love, and thinking about the Bible and the sermon on Sunday: “The woman is the gateway to hell. What are you doing?” So neither can he love, nor can he live without love. God has made man very schizophrenic, half-hearted in everything.

You are earning money, and at the same time you know that your greed is a sin. If you don’t earn money you starve. Your whole nature rebels against starvation, forces you to earn something to feed yourself. Nature pulls one way, God and his representatives pull you the other way. You are in a strange position

You are asking, “Is it possible for man to live without God?” It is only possible without God to live totally, to live meditatively, to live fully.

Sigmund Freud’s statement is worth remembering. Because he worked his whole life on sex, he thought sex was the root of all problems. But he never understood that it is not sex that is the problem, it is the suppression of sex that is the problem. The priest is the problem, the God is the problem, the holy scriptures are the problem; sex is not the problem.

Sex is such a simple thing. All the animals are enjoying sex; none of them go to the couch of a psychoanalyst. I have never met any animal going to the psychiatrist because he is feeling schizophrenic. They are all living and enjoying, there is no problem.

The pagans lived very joyously before religions, particularly Christianity, destroyed them from the earth. They had no idea of any sin. They loved women, they danced, they drank, they played music. Their whole life was sheer joy.

But Sigmund Freud has this one statement I was going to tell you about: “The priests cannot destroy sex.” But they have succeeded in poisoning it. They could not succeed in destroying sex, otherwise there would have been no humanity. Sex is there, but they have destroyed the joy in it, they have made it a great sin. So you are committing the sin, and you think the woman is the cause.

The reality is totally different; it is God. But as God is only a fiction he cannot do anything. The priest is the representative, the spokesman of God, who goes on creating all kinds of guilt feelings in you. Those guilt feelings don’t allow you to live. Everything is wrong, everything is a sin.

So your question, “Is it possible for man to live without God?” – I say unto you, it is only possible for man to live if he is without God. But this is only half. The fictitious God has to be replaced by an actual experience of truth in meditation; otherwise you will go insane.

The second question:

All the religions are based on God. Their morality, their commandments, their prayers, their saintliness – everything points towards God, and you say that God is dead. Then what will happen to all these other things that are dependent on the concept of God?

All those things that are dependent on the concept of God are bogus; hypocrites are created by all those things. Your morality is not real, it is imposed out of fear, or out of greed. A true morality arises only in a meditator’s consciousness. It is not something imported from the outside, it is something arising in your very being. It is spontaneous. And when morality is spontaneous, it is a joy, it is simply sharing your compassion and love.

All the qualities which are dependent on God will disappear with God disappearing. They are very superficial.

You all have back doors. At the front door you are one person, at the back door you are a different person. Have you ever watched it? At the front door you are a great Catholic, so religious, so pious, so prayerful, that anybody could think you were a saint. But this is only in your sitting room. At the back door you are just as human beings are supposed to be, with all their instincts, with all their sex, with all their greed, with all their anger. Just look at your God himself. Different religions have different ideas, but all ideas prove one thing, that God is the original sinner.

The Hindu God created woman and became infatuated – with his own daughter. And the woman became afraid, so she became a cow and God became the bull. She rushed and became somebody else, and God followed her – that’s how all the species have been created according to Hindu theology; it was God following the woman into different forms. The woman was changing forms, God was also changing forms. The woman was always the female, the God was always the male. That’s why there are so many millions of species. If the woman became a female mosquito, God became a male mosquito. It went on and on, perhaps it is still going on.

Do you think this god is a moral god? And the same is true about all gods of all religions. The Jewish god says in the Old Testament, “I am a very jealous god. I am not the one who is going to forgive you, I am a very angry god. You should not worship anybody else except me. And remember I am your father, not your uncle.” What kind of god is this, jealous, worried that you may worship another god? And finally he says, “I am your father, remember; I am not your uncle.” Uncles are always nicer people than fathers.

A German theology professor, Uta Ranke-Heinemann, has made the following statement: “The majority of Catholic bishops in the US are sexually disturbed. We must assume that German bishops will soon be calling a commission to see if they are sexually disturbed also.”

The Barnsberg church historian, professor George Denzler, commented: “The pope is responsible for a very painful, very terrible sexual morality.”

And a German Protestant pastor, Helga Frisch, said, “When celibacy was introduced in the tenth century, the priest killed the pope’s ambassador and threatened to murder the archbishop. I am amazed that priests today don’t resort to similar tactics.”

There is a morality which is imposed from the outside which is never in tune with your heart. And there is a morality that comes from within you, which is always in tune with your heart and in tune with the heart of the universe. That is authentic morality.

I don’t give you any discipline, any morality. I simply give you a clarity of vision. Out of that clarity whatsoever comes is good, is divine, is moral

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