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  Nine Sutras

Osho talks for the first time on his own Nine Sutras. Opening boundless new dimensions to the meaning and significance of the word yoga, he illuminates its vast scope and takes us way beyond what may well be our limited and limiting understanding of it. Using modern scientific knowledge to help us experiment with and experience our inner world, Osho gives us an in-depth introduction to his famous Dynamic meditation and takes us on a timeless journey into the beyond, home to ourselves.

“I have told you these Nine Sutras, not so that your knowledge may increase, not so that you may become more knowledgeable…. I have said all these things in the hope that, perhaps, you may get nudged a little, and you may take off on some journey.” Osho

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  The Path of Yoga

Original Title:
Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol.1

Commentaries of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Osho calls Patanjali 'an Einstein in a world of Buddhas' and shows us step by step, in a experiential way, how to attain to Patanjali's definition of yoga: 'the cessation of the mind':

'...when you can simply look without being identified with the mind, without judging, without appreciating or condemning, without choosing - simply looking while the mind flows, a time comes when by itself, of itself, the mind stops.' Osho

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The Path of Yoga
(Yoga, The Alpha and the Omega Vol1)
has also been released as a Paperback
containing 6 of 10 chapters.
Although the publisher named it
Yoga: The Science of the Soul
it is not identical with the next book offered.

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Yoga:The Science of the Soul

Original Title:
Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol.2

'Patanjali is our future, 5000 years old.' Osho

When he comments on Patanjali’s sutras about the two kinds of samadhi, succeeding through total effort and surrender, meditating on the AUM mantra, disease and anguish, breath and inner light,
we realize the significance of Osho:
He is the key to open Patanjali into the here and now.

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The Mystery Beyond Mind

Original Title: Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol.3

Osho digs deeply into these centuries old texts of Patanjali, an Indian sage who systemized Yoga, and uncovers hitherto undiscovered meanings in his words which can open doors to experiencing the greater reality available beyond the limits of the logical mind.

In this book the sutras include: “…meditate on knowledge that comes during sleep” and “…meditate on anything that appeals to you.” Osho’s commentaries give these succinct techniques a very practical application for twenty-first century humanity. He also answers questions from seekers which include understanding the conflict between being loose and natural, and being aware; meditating on pain while pain is happening; and why active types of meditation are so valid in the twenty-first century.

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The Alchemy of Yoga

Original Title:
Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol.4

'Whenever you listen to the voice of the ego, sooner or later there will be trouble. You will fall into the trap of misery. This you have to watch:

Ego always leads into misery, always, unconditionally; always, categorically, absolutely.

And whenever you listen to nature, it leads you to a well-being, a contentment, a silence, a bliss. So this should be the criterion.
You will have to make many errors; there is no other way.
You have to watch your own choice, from where the voice is coming, and then you have to see what happens - because the fruit is the criterion.'


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The Essence of Yoga

Original Title:
Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol. 6

Osho says that the whole of yoga is a methodology which teaches 'how to open the doors within yourself, how to enter the temple that you are, how to discover yourself'. And in this book, he explains how, through yoga, we can attain the grace of the body and of God, for 'only in a graceful body a graceful mind exists; and only in a graceful mind a graceful self becomes possible; and only in a graceful self, God'.

In a language which has the fluid grace of the spoken word, Osho talks about crucial concerns of love, marriage, faith and contentment. Eschewing conventional wisdom, he puts forward radical ideas that shake us out of our complacency. Enriched by a number of sutras and with liberal quotations from Patanjali, The Essence of Yoga is a perfect blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge. The book also contains a series of questions and answers through which Osho addressed key issues like hope, worry and the relationship between the Master and his disciples.

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Yoga: The Science of Living

Original Title:
Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol. 7

Guide to Achieving Inner Balance through Yoga

Osho says that Yoga is not only a system of belief but is also a scientific methodology that heightens awareness and makes it possible to live in a constant state of happiness, harmony and fulfillment.

YOGA: The Science of Living, an outcome of Osho’s talks, is not merely a commentary on Patanjali’s ancient treatise. It is enriched with insights from Osho’s awakened consciousness.

For many, yoga is merely a way to keep fit. Osho, however, believes that yogic postures are but an infinitely small part of an entire recipe for living. In a language both fluid and graceful, Osho explains how yoga can transform one’s life. The reader is told how he can first transcend the body, the mind and, finally, how he can fall into your won being. Drop all the outer goals and move inwards, says Osho. Yoga, for him, is not about control or discipline but about achieving a sense of balance.

Defying traditional norms of spirituality, Osho punctuates the voyage of self-discovery with an irreverent sense of humor. Enriching the book are questions from various people, keen to discover themselves. Osho’s refreshingly candid answers make for delightful reading and would offer a solution to those trapped in similar situations. Insightful and profound,

Yoga: The Science of Living is an invaluable guide for those looking for inner balance and peace..

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Secrets of Yoga

Original Title:
Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol. 8

You are here, that much is certain. You are alert that you are here, that much is also certain. Now these two ingredients are enough for yoga experimentation.

In this book, part of a series, Osho expounds on the essence of Patanjali’s philosophy which is contained in his sutras. Elaborating on these, Osho says that though the sutras contain the key to understanding the self, they are just introductory, just a preface to the real thing. The actual work, he feels, starts when one is ready to change, to mutate, to become new. He maintains that the enlightened one has gone beyond the ego and knows the oneness of all things.

Secrets of Yoga, the result of Osho’s talks, is rich with insights from Osho’s awakened consciousness. Replete with anecdotes, simple yet deep, the book contains his views on crucial issues like ego, death and spirituality. The voyage of self-discovery is enlivened with Osho’s irreverent sense of humor. The book contains questions from various people keen to know themselves and Osho’s candid answers that make for delightful reading even as they offer solutions to those mire in similar problems.

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Yoga: The Path of Liberation

Original Title:
Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol. 9

Liberation,’ says Osho, ‘means coming back home.’

Osho says:'Life is nothing but an expression of silence.' We come out of silence, but then lose our way. In order to experience this silence again and attain liberation, we need to rediscover the path back to our pure being. Only then can the cycle be complete; then will we be able to reach kaivalya, a state which Osho tells us is higher than either moksha or nirvana.

The key is simple: we must not identify with our bodies and minds, as all identification is outwards, and we are going on an inner journey. And Osho emphasizes, as always, the importance of combining intelligence, awareness and humour on this journey.In addition to speaking on the Yoga sutras of Patanjali, Osho addresses questions about life and how to live it without fear of pain, old age or death. Osho’s answers are never the same, for he doesn’t answer-he responds. As he has often said himself,
‘Your questions may be the same, but the answers of a Buddha always have a new nuance to them, a new flavor, a new fragrance.’

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  Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega

From the original 10 volumes only selected volumes are currently in print.

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