The Sword and the Lotus: Talks in the Himalayas

This volume captures the fast pace of Osho's six-week stay in Nepal, the birthplace of Buddha.
He answers questions from his sannyasins
in his hotel suite in the mornings and from the press in the hotel conference room every evening:
What is your message to the modern Nepalese Buddhists? What is your message for the Pope who is in India now?
What do you think about the New Age movement?
You teach us to be thankful to existence, but how can I be thankful to those who speak against you and try to destroy your work?
With no white lies, no beating around the bush, no platitudes and no mincing of words, Osho's truth cuts clean with the skill of a master swordsman and the compassion symbolized in the lotus.

'With Osho, words flow endlessly. Provocatively. Challengingly. In a hundred years more copies of Osho's works will have been printed than the Bible itself, till now the outstanding best-seller.'
M.V. Kamath, Former Editor of The Illustrated Weekly of India

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  Socrates Poisoned Again

Original Title: The Rajneesh Bible, Vol.10

As the bishop of Crete's Greek Orthodox Church urges the local citizenry to forcibly drive him out of the villa where he is staying, Osho revives the spirit of Zorba in a series of lively talks to his disciples and to visiting journalists. Eventually Osho, like Socrates, was accused of 'corrupting the youth' and his heavy-handed deportation is documented in an eight-page color section at the end of this volume. But in the meantime the 'corruption' had been recorded in print. A banquet of timely topics, from politics and religion to teenagers and sex, it sparkles like the Mediterranean setting in which it happened.

'Remarkable books' Nicholas Mosley, Daily Telegraph, UK

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  Light on The Path

Original Title: The Rajneesh Bible, Vol.9/10

These first talks after Osho's departure from the US provide a rare glimpse, during his movement's most uncertain times, into his efforts to create a New Man. From his suite in a hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal, Osho speaks extensively on the connection between gnosticism and anarchy, the buddhafield and the future of his communes worldwide, the function of a spiritual master, his sannyasin therapists, the nature of inner growth and the 'psychology of the buddhas'.

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  The Transmission of the Lamp

Original Title: The Rajneesh Bible, Vol.12

This book is the third from the series given in Uruguay on Osho's world tour. As Osho responds to questions from the small group of dedicated disciples with him, he reveals much about the esoteric side of the spiritual search, He explains 'witnessing' or 'watching' as a 24-hour technique that can be done anytime, anywhere; and talks on the subtle vibrations of a Master, oracles, the miraculous powers of relaxation, astral projection, past lives, conditioning and the origins of depression.
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  The Path of the Mystic

When Osho was forced to leave the United States, he spent several months traveling around the world in search of a place to resume his work. During that time, he stayed with a small group of people in Uruguay and gave three series of daily talks, including The Path of the Mystic. These talks reflect the intensity, intimacy and sense of urgency of the time and setting.

Throughout this book, Osho emphasizes the imperatives of individual freedom and of seeking and living the truth. Among the tools he offers to travelers on the mystic path are the dynamic yet subtle combination of meditation and hypnosis, methods for exploring past lives, and the Bardo – the ancient Tibetan instructions for the dying.

He outlines his liberating, radical vision for a new humanity – awakened beings who are a synthesis of the worldly, earthy Zorba the Greek and the silent, witnessing Buddha.

Readers are challenged to step beyond the limits imposed on them by their social, religious and political conditioning, and to bring about the global transformation that can only begin at the most personal, individual level.

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  Beyond Psychology

Against a backdrop of almost universal political harassment, Osho talks in depth on a variety of esoterica. He describes techniques of self-discovery, pointing out that psychological answers to man’s self-made miseries will no longer work. These discourses are rare jewels of wisdom.

With these talks Osho started a new phase in his work: The Mystery School.

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