From Death to Deathlessness

Original Title: The Rajneesh Bible, Vol.7

Sensing the storm about to descend on his American commune, Osho responds to residents' and visitors' questions. The topics cover the whole spectrum of human concern – poverty, AIDS, education, politics, creativity, existentialism, psychology, nuclear war, power, relationships, money... Osho answers each with respect and compassion, always going beyond the surface of the rational mind
to the deeper waters, the very source.

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  The Last Testament Vol. 1

Interviews with the World Press

At Rancho Rajneesh, the commune in America, Osho grants interviews to the world media for the first time ever. Included here are questions from Good Morning America, Der Spiegel (Germany), 60 Minutes (Australia), The Guardian (England), Panorama (Italy), Portland TV, the Seattle Post Intelligencer and others.

In dynamic, often humorous and always intimate exchanges, Osho talks with reporters about why he chose to break his years of silence, his views on the Pope, how the world can save itself from global suicide, his being labeled the 'free sex guru,' AIDS and religion; why his people are perceived as having an inner peace, brainwashing, separation between church and state, the City of Rajneeshpuram, and the famous 93 Rolls Royces. A book of particular interest to non-sannyasins or those new to sannyas.

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  The Rajneesh Bible Vol. 2

Most of us have quoted The Bible, been quoted at from The Bible, sworn on The Bible, doubted The Bible - but how many of us have really questioned its basic premise, that God exists? How much of what we have accepted as our religion is related to our own experiences with any relevance to our day-to-day lives? Looking for the answers, we find our minds so full of ideas instilled from birth – sin and guilt, reward and punishment, this world and the other, somebody out there bigger than us whom we should obey –
it's almost impossible to untangle the mess and start from scratch.
In this series of discourses Osho exposes our conditioned beliefs as a means of challenging us to experience life and its inherent religiousness from a fresh perspective, with our own individual eyes. A must for the thinking Christian.

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  The Rajneesh Bible Vol. 3

Richly embroidered with hilarious personal reminiscences, this volume uncovers the family, the place of mysticism in Osho's religion and the function of his commune. He talks about the similarities of madness and enlightenment, and the essential difference between the two. He tells us his opinion of Krishnamurti, and the infallibility of the pope. And he gives an intimate and gently funny account of his own daily routines.
These discourses make it clear why Osho became the nemesis of established religious and political hierarchies all over the world.
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  The Rajneesh Bible Vol. 4

Of this question-and-answer series, a journalist from Club Degi Editori, Italy writes: 'With complete clarity, and using examples, anecdotes and quotations which amaze the reader with their range, Osho expresses his way of thinking: to destroy every religion and to create Man all over again out of his own depth of being. The Rajneesh Bible provokes energy, optimism and enthusiasm for life and its gifts. It is not a holy book, nor is it a confession of faith.
It is a lively and readable account which allows a
deep understanding of the vast scope of his teaching, which is directed towards helping us understand who we are,
and which is widely debated and widely practiced.'

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