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  The Way beyond Any Way

In this book Osho describes step by step the search within: The search for the essence, for what is divine within the man. This essence is variously known as the self, the atman, the soul, in the ancient teachings of earlier masters. But before beginning on this search he says:

'I warn you in advance that to involve oneself in the teachings of an Upanishad is like playing with fire. An Upanishad cannot be understood without you also becoming transformed'. Osho

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  The Ultimate Alchemy Vol.1

Talks on the Atma Pooja Upanishad

Thousand of years ago, awakened beings living in India spoke to seekers of truth. Their words were compiled into themes and exist now as a body of work called the Upanishads. In this book, Osho takes the Atma Pooja Upanishad, which literally means 'workship of the self' and responds to it in a way that helps present-day seekers penetrate their unconscious and find the truth within them selves.

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NEW The Ultimate Alchemy Vol.2

Talks on the Atma Pooja Upanishad

"In the world we exist as duality. Beyond the world we exist as nonduality, one. You can think of yourself as a triangle: two angles exist in the world and the third angle exists beyond the world. Two angles belong to this, this world, and one angle belongs to that, the world of the brahman. But if these two are in an imbalance, you cannot go beyond them. You go beyond them only when they regain balance.

This balancing is nirvana, this balancing is moksha, this balancing is the centering. How does awareness work to balance this duality? And the moment this duality is balanced, you cannot be reborn again – you disappear from the world. You can be born again and again only if there is an imbalance. If the balance comes to totality, the balance becomes total, it is impossible to be born again. You disappear from the world. The body cannot exist then. Then you cannot re-enter a body again."

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  The Message Beyond Words

A Dialog with the Lord of Death

The Kathopanishad is the ancient Indian scripture that addesses the reality of death and the dimensions beyond death.
It is done through a very sweet teaching story about an innocent boy, Nachiketa, and his search for the secrets of the soul by confronting and questioning Yama, the lord of Death.

Here Osho turns the eye of Enlightenment on the mist of fear and misunderstanding that surrounds death in the modern mind.
Osho completely exposes the myth of death. He shares a vision that is at once both decidedly practical and highly esoteric.

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  The Supreme Doctrine

To his first Western disciples Osho speaks on the ancient Indian Vedic scriptures. He answers seekers' questions related to using the intellect, transcending the duality of sex, the role of the master on the disciple's spiritual journey, the contribution and limitations of psychoanalysis, the significance of chaotic meditations for the modern man, and much more. Osho says of this book:

'I have chosen to talk about the Upanishads because to me they represent one of the purest expressions
of the ultimate that is possible, if it is possible at all.'

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  Flight of The Alone to The Alone

Talks on The Kaivalya Upanishad

Spontaneous talks given to disciples and friends during a meditation camp at Mount Abu, India. The Kaivalaya Upanishad is a longing for the ultimate freedom. Kaivalya means the moment in your consciousness when you are utterly alone, but you do not feel lonely.

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