Tao The Pathless Path

In his commentaries on five parables from 'The Lieh Tzu' Osho brings a thoroughtly contemporary and accessible interpretation to the ancient wisdom of Tao. Lieh Tzu was well known a Taoist master of the 4th century B.C., and his sly critiques of Confucius provide abundant opportunities for the reader to explore the contrasts between the rational and irrational, the male and the female, the structured and the spontaneous.

The five chapters in this beautiful little paperback are chosen from a longer series of talks given under the same name, with an additional chapter of responses to questions from individuals. If you feel drawn to the 'watercourse way' of Tao, with its approach of let-go and harmony with nature, this is a book you will especially enjoy.

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  The Secret of Secrets (Vol. 1+2)

The Empty Boat Talks on the Secret of the Golden Flower Vols. 1 and 2 combined in one book.

Osho describes the Secret of the Golden Flower as very ancient, '...a great synthesis of all the great religions....

'This book, The Secret of the Golden Flower, is one of the most esoteric treatises in the world. It will show you the way to become more than the body. It will show you the way to go beyond death.'

Osho gives specific instructions on the Taoist Golden Light meditation - to harmonize the male and female elements and transmute the sexual energy.

'The day you are able to circulate your energy in a circle you will not need another woman, another man, because your own man, your own woman will meet and merge into each other. You will be whole, and to be whole is to be holy.'

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  When the Shoe Fits

Talks on the Stories of Chuang Tzu

Osho is unique among commentators:
What he offers is not an intellectual treatise on principles – rather he relates the insights of a few thousand years ago to our situation here and now.
His great affinity with Chuang Tzu is obvious in this book where he talks about his stories as a practical means to understand the conditionings of the mind, and in so doing, transcend. And then the shoe will always fit!

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NEW Tao: The Golden Gate

Osho refers to these ancient discourses as most profound insights into nature not tenets of a doctrine or philosophical treatises but existential insights.
Of their originator, the famous 6th century scholar Ko Hsuan, nothing is known except that he is a enlightened master of the caliber of Lao Tzu. Osho explains why Tao is called 'The Golden Gate'- to indicate that god is not a person but an entrance, an opening that happens internally when the seeker is ready.

'Tao seems to be the only life vision which is total. It does not deny the earth, it does not deny the sky. It accepts both, it accepts the unity of both. It says: The man who has come to know spontaneous purity and stillness, who has become relaxed with the whole, with the law of the ultimate -- in him heaven and earth are united. That's my concept of a sannyasin too. In you I would like this meeting to happen.

You will be misunderstood all over the world: in the East people will think you are materialist, in the West people will think you have become metaphysical. That means you have gone crazy, berserk, that you are talking mumbo-jumbo. They will say, "Stop all this nonsense! Be realistic, Be pragmatic."

You will be misunderstood everywhere because the East has believed only in half and the West has believed in half. I believe in the whole. To me to trust the whole is the only way to be holy, and to trust the whole is the only way to be whole. And when you are whole, life is bliss, life is benediction, life is a celebration.'

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  Joking Around

Tao Insights Into Life

To be able to celebrate life is religion in that very celebration you come close to God. If one is able to celebrate, God is not far away; if one is not able to celebrate life, then God does not exist for him.

God appears only in deep celebration, when you are so full of joy, that all misery has left you.

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