Die O Yogi Die

Talks on the Great Tantra Master, Gorakh

(Translated from Hindi to English)
This book is about the death of the ego; about practical steps to live a full and aware life without being run over by it.

'One death we are already familiar with, that death in which the body dies – but our ego and mind go on living. This same ego finds a new womb. This same ego, troubled by new desires, again starts off on the journey. Even before leaving behind one body, it is already eager for another. This death is not the real death.' Osho

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  The Book of Secrets HC

Now all in one volume for the first time! Osho's commentaries on the secret teachings of the 4000-year-old Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, collected all in one volume of 1184 pages.
Osho goes verse by verse through each of the mysterious sutras that were first made widely known in the West by Paul Reps in his book 'Zen Flesh, Zen Bones'.

These verses are, in fact, highly condensed, telegraphic instructions for 112 different meditation techniques.
Osho describes each technique in detail, and explains how we can experiment to find out if it is the right technique for us.
The Book of Secrets was originally delivered as a series of talks, so Osho also answers questions from his audience about the techniques, and about their experiences in meditation.

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  The Tantra Experience

Original Title: The Tantra Vision 1
The Tantra ExperienceTalks on the Royal Song of Saraha,
the Founder of Tantra

An absorbing book about the relationship between Saraha, an affluent young Brahmin, and a lower-cast arrowsmith woman ­ he as disciple and she as his Tantric master. In Osho's understanding Tantra is one of the greatest of man's visions, a religion which respects rather than destroys individuality. Speaking on the sutras of Saraha and answering seeker's questions, Osho speaks of Saraha as 'one of my most-loved persons; it is my old love-affair. You may not have even heard the name of Saraha, but Saraha is one of the great benefactors of humanity. If I were to count on my fingers ten benefactors of humanity, Saraha would be one of those ten. If I were to count five, then too I would not be able to drop Saraha.'

'With Osho as a guide Tantra can give you a new perspective, a new way of looking at yourself and at life, a new way of living in harmony with existence...for Tantra is not an intellectual proposal, it is pure experience.'

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  Tantric Transformation

Original Title: The Tantra Vision 2
Talks on the Royal Song of Saraha,
the Founder of Tantra

In this second volume of discourses on Saraha's Royal Song given by Osho, we are given a detailed map of Tantra: The meeting of man and woman; the transformation of energy through sex and other techniques. Osho says: 'Tantra is freedom: freedom from all mind-constructs, from all mind games; freedom from all structures, freedom from the other. Tantra is space to be. Tantra is liberation.' Tantric transformation is a very alive, concrete book for exploration of our own energy, of our own inner space.

'You don't just read Osho, you undefine yourself.'
The Book Reader, USA

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  Tantra: The Supreme Understanding

Discourses on the Tantric way of Tilopa's song of Mahamudra. Nothing much is known about the Indian master Tilopa, yet his mystical insight into Tantra in the form of a song passed on to his disciple Naropa, has lived on through the ages. In this series of discourses Osho speaks on Tilopa's verses, which contain many significant meditation techniques suitable for the modern-day seeker:

'Mahamudra...is a total orgasm with the whole, with the universe.
It is a melting into the source of being.... This is a song of Mahamudra. And who will sing it? Tilopa is no more.
The orgasmic feeling itself is vibrating and singing.... I am also here to sing a song, but it can be given to you only when you are ready.' Osho

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