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  The New Dawn

A many-faceted series of discourses in which Osho dismantles a great variety of questions from disciples. One asks: With the imminent possibility of global suicide isn't it a paradox that all we can do is to sit silently? Another worries about the misuse of genetic science, and a third isn't sure how to respond to the madness of living in the world. And there are many questions of the heart: about feelings of unworthiness; how to make the transition from loneliness to aloneness and what we learn from love. Osho's responses are applicable to everyone, everywhere, who is sincerely seeking to understand and to evolve.

'Never before or after have I encountered anybody having such a harmonious and immensely creative view encompassing art, science, human psychology and religiousness. Certainly we would lack substantially without his vision of the new man.'

Dr. A. Schleger, Ph.D., Institute of Technology, Switzerland

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  The Razor's Edge

This book tells a true story. A story of great love and immense trust between disciples and their master as they move together along a golden path which is both dangerous and ecstatic. This path is the razor's edge.

'Osho's position as an important mystic and philosopher is supported by an international following and a host of publications. His work is that of all great religious leaders, bringing God to man.... His lively appeal is jokes, limericks, verse and tales, combined with traditional religious themes.
Library Journal USA.

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  The Goose Is Out

The Goos Is Out
The Zen koan, 'The goose is out!' captures the whole absurdity of the human condition: how, throughout our lives, we remain voluntarily ignorant of our true nature. In this book, his last responses to disciples' questions before going into silence for three and a half years, Osho penetrates the prejudices and beliefs we have gathered as our protection against the truth. .

'You have forgotten the language of your being. I have come to recognize it – I have remembered myself. And since the day I remembered myself I have been in a strange situation: I feel compassion for you, and deep down I also giggle at you, because you are not really in trouble. You don't really need compassion, you need hammering, you need to be hit hard on the head. Your suffering is bogus. Ecstasy is your very nature. You are truth. You are love. You are bliss. You are freedom.' Osho

'Osho has a no-mind to his comments, sudden bursts of insight, novel ways of putting images together so that you read in enchanted wonder. Any spiritual teacher who has such bad publicity must be saying some wonderfully terrible things. Tune in.'

The USA Book Reader

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  Come, Come, Yet Again Come

Come, Come, Yet Again Come
Osho's invitation echoes the words of the Sufi mystic, Jalaluddin Rumi: 'Come, come, whoever you are; wanderer, worshipper, lover of does not matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. Come, even if you have broken your vow a thousand times. Come, come, yet again come.' Seekers from all over the world bring their questions to Osho and he responds with characteristic individualized attention, warmth and humor.

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