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The Channel of Understanding

Dhyan Yogi, M.D.

This audio presentation offers a unique combination of soft hypnosis and meditation. It is created especially to enhance and deepen our capacity to relax and let-go.
In this striking relaxation something happens inside us, a new opening comes on its own,
bringing clarity, new insight and deep inner peace.
For many, this opening is the first taste of something real, our birthright, the Channel of Understanding. After that, nothing will ever be the same.

A dehypnosis for a radical seeing into the nature of non-doing, rest and relaxation. The buddha nature, our real home, beyond body and mind.

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Body Love (© Osho House 1992)

Kaveesha & Dhyan Yogi, M.D.

A guided meditation into a sensual, meditative space where in deep relaxation people can accept themselves and their bodies as they are.
It brings together deep relaxation and deep acceptance, creating a sense of peacefulness and stillness which is exceptional.
The two voices, of one man and one woman, intertwine and melt into
one ocean of relaxation.The soothing background music of Daniel
Kobialka helps to create this profound state of rest.

Body Love (© Osho House 1992) can be used to induce sleep,
and may not be used while driving or operating machinery.

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The Science of Hypnosis


A guided meditation enabling the discovery
of the oceanic space which resides in us,
a space of Love and Oneness.

A rare taste of the Universa.

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Tantra: A Partnership in Meditation (© Osho House 1992)

Kaveesha, Dhyan Yogi, M.D., Wadud & Alvina

An exquisite introductory tape for lovers who wish to introduce meditation into their experience of relating and sexuality.
This tape has received accolades from New Frontiers magazine
as well as from the world-famous author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, Margo Anand.
It is a guided meditation based on an ancient science of love-making where lovers enter a state of communion.

It involves the creation of a bridge of energy and awareness between two people, so natural and yet so often forgotten.
This tape is a preparation for union which can be physical or purely energetic.
It proceeds in stages that prepare, purify and ripen the energy
that otherwise remains unexpressed, unseen, and unfelt.

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