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Compilation on Osho Dynamic Meditation

This compilation of excerpts includes all the public comments Osho makes about Osho Dynamic Meditation and is presented in the order in which they were spoken, so you can appreciate the gradual development of this technique over time.

Your Answers QuestionedThe fourth stage was first presented in its current form in "The New Alchemy: To turn you on" Appendix 1, titled "Catharsis and Meditation: Steps on the Path."

You will notice that in the first references the instructions for the fourth stage are "to just fall down as if dead relaxed and to become a witness". Later, the technique was refined to its current form of five stages with a stop at the end on the first three stages.

Bold text for some keywords are added to help the reader find the more specific references on the technique.

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#B4450$16.95 Paperback 372 pages

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  Everyday Osho

The Book of Secrets Vol.4365 Daily Meditations for The Here and Now

Start your day - or end it - with an Osho reading to bring you to the silent center of the present moment. Chosen from a variety of unpublished works, these small selections cover the whole range of everyday human experience, from the subtle nuances of inner feelings to the ordinary events of daily life. Beautifully designed, with readings numbered from 1-365, the book can be started on any day of the year as a daily meditation.

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  The Book of Secrets HC

Now all in one volume for the first time! Osho's commentaries on the secret teachings of the 4000-year-old Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, collected all in one volume of 1184 pages.
Osho goes verse by verse through each of the mysterious sutras that were first made widely known in the West by Paul Reps in his book 'Zen Flesh, Zen Bones'.

These verses are, in fact, highly condensed, telegraphic instructions for 112 different meditation techniques.
Osho describes each technique in detail, and explains how we can experiment to find out if it is the right technique for us.
The Book of Secrets was originally delivered as a series of talks, so Osho also answers questions from his audience about the techniques, and about their experiences in meditation.

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  The Book of Secrets Vol.4 PB
The Book of Secrets Vol.4Discourses on Vigyana Bhairava Tantra

Five thousand years ago Lord Shiva gave to Devi, his consort, the one hundred and twelve sutras which constitute the tantric scripture, Vigyana Bhairava Tantra. 'Vigyana' means consciousness. Bhairava means 'one who has gone beyond.' And 'Tantra' means technique. Of these sutra's Osho says, 'They are the oldest, most ancient techniques. But you can call them the latest also, because nothing can be added to them. They are complete -- 112 techniques. They have taken in all the possibilities, all the ways of cleaning the mind, transcending the mind.'

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  Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy

Meditation: The Art of EcstasyA practical handbook in simple and clear language that is ideal for everyone from complete beginners to experienced meditators. The book contains a scientific explanation of meditation, a humorous discussion of obstacles to watch out for, answers to questions from meditators and 60 step-by-step descriptions of meditation techniques. Some techniques have been drawn from ancient traditions such as Zen, Sufi, Tantra, Tao, and the Upanishads, others include the revolutionary techniques created by Osho especially for the modern man who finds it difficult to quiet his mind. There is even a meditation for smokers!

Talks given from 1970.
1st edition called 'The Dynamics of Meditation'.
The book has 20 chapters; the last is a summary of meditation techniques.

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  Meditation: The First and Last Freedom

Why does Osho call meditation 'the first and last freedom'? Because in his understanding meditation is the dimension through which every individual can realize his own, unique potential – the unlimited personal freedom that is available for all of us.

This book is a compilation drawn from Osho's many years of work on meditation and contains a wide variety of meditation techniques - some traditional, like Zazen, the ancient Buddhist practice, others are Osho's unique formula especially designed for the 21st century.
In addition, Osho answers questions about some of the more common obstacles meditators may meet along the way.
An invaluable companion for the sincere seeker, this book is a practical,
step-by-step guide to sixty-three meditation techniques,
including meditations of the heart and those for the third eye.

'Osho advocated meditation for everyone, but his technique was revolutionary, beginning not with stillness and silence but with violent activity to release pent-up energy and emotions, leading to a state of calmness in which meditation can flourish.'
The Washington Post

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