Letters from Osho

  Seeds of Wisdom

Seeds of Wisdom(Previously issued as Seeds of Revolutionary Thought)

Selections from letters Osho wrote to a friend during his travels around India in his earlier days.
Through vignettes of scenes he witnesses –
children playing on a river with paper boats, the movement of a bullock cart, an earthen lamp being extinguished, a storm striking a village, sunrise and sunset, the life and death of a flower –
Osho draws parallels to illuminate our inner world.

'What's impressive about this small book, which is rapidly rising on the bestseller lists, is its understandability. In his time [Osho] was considered a rascal. But reading him today, what he says looks simply true. Yesterday he was shocking, today we understand him, as if the things he says we had always known.'
Elle Magazine, England

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  A Cup of Tea

A Cup of TeaA beautifully bound collection of 365 letters written by Osho to his disciples and friends, during the time he was travelling in India from the 1950's through the early 1970's. With a few exceptions, personal names have been removed from the text to reveal more clearly the universality of these inspiring messages. Each letter is a gem of insight, with subject matter as multi-faceted as the human search for truth, including everything from difficulties in love and relationships to the challenges of understanding the nature of mind and reality.
Osho often uses anecdotes and mystic tales to illustrate his points, making the text very clear and accessible.
Anyone drawn to truth will treasure this book,
the perfect bedside companion, to be savored one cup at a time.
An excellent introduction to the wisdom of this extraordinary man, and a deep source of encouragement and inspiration
for all those on the path of enlightenment.

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