Osho regales us with the tales told by the Hasids, taken from the collection by Martin Buber called Tales of Hasidism: The Later Masters, with permission

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Talks on Hasidism

Osho speaks on classic Hasidic stories compiled by the Jewish philosopher, Martin Buber, a work Osho calls a tremendous service for seekers, adding that what D.T. Suzuki did for Zen, Buber has done for Hasidism.

These tales, small stories, have such a flavor. It is different from Zen, it is also different from Sufism. The Hasid loves, laughs, dances. His religion is not of celibacy, but of creation. Osho

The book is full of lighthearted wisdom, as Osho adds a few of his own stories as well, saying that his jokes are not ordinary jokes.

I don’t tell them to you just to make you laugh. No, they are not mere jokes. They are pointers. You should not just laugh and forget them, you should make them part of your understanding. Osho

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  The Art of Dying

Talks on Hasidism 'Once you know what life is, you will know what death is because death is also part of the same process. Ordinarily we think death comes at the end, ordinarily we think death is against life, ordinarily we think death is the enemy. Death is not the enemy. And if you think of death as the enemy, it simply shows that you have not been able to know what life is.'

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