Your Answers Questioned

Your Answers Questioned
On 176 pages you will find Oshos radical teachings in a condensed way.
A beautiful opportunity to read his words and let them sink into your being.

'Mind knows only conflict. Even where there is no conflict, mind creates it; even where there is no problem, mind creates it.'
'Mind cannot exist without problems; problems are its nourishment. Conflict, fight, disharmony - and the mind is perfectly at ease and at home. Silence, harmony - and the mind starts becoming afraid, because harmony, silence and peace are nothing but death to the mind.

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  The ABC of Enlightenment

ABC of Enlightenment
Allow Osho to remind you of the power of language and the original meaning of words...

'Words are not just words. They have moods, climates of their own. When a word settles inside you, it brings a different climate to your mind, a different approach, a different vision.
Call something by a different name and see how it is immediately different. So one of the most important thing to remember is, if possible, live an experience and don't fix it by a word, because it will make it narrow.
There are feeling words and there are intellectual words. Drop intellectual words more and more...'

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  A Must for Morning Contemplation

At Osho’s suggestion, this book was compiled compiled from Morning and Evening Darshans. The book will be of most significance if the passage designated for each morning is read on first waking up, before one’s mind becomes engaged in the day’s activities.
Each day has a particular theme, the book is divided into 12 months of 31 days. Month One is the first month you begin reading, not necessarily the first month of the calendar year.

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  A Must for Contemplation before Sleep

It is said that the last thought in one’s mind as one falls asleep is also the first thought on waking. The passages in this book will inspire the reader of relaxation, expansion and letting go.
The words were compiled from selected Evening
Darshans - beautiful treasures from early Poona years, when Osho was available to answer questions from disciples.

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