Pharmacy for the Soul

AwarenessMeditations, Relaxation and Awareness Exercises: a Step by Step Guide

A comprehensive collection of meditations, relaxation and awareness excercises for physical and emotional well being. Organized in a user-friendly format it is addressing issues such as relieving stress and physical tension, enhancing emotional and physical vitality, mood sweings, sexuality and diet. Pharmacy for the Soul has been compiled from transcripts of Osho’s one-on-one talks with people of all ages and backgrounds from around the world.
Each section of the book begins with a description and diagnosis of an emotional or physical problem, and then lists a number of prescriptions.

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NEW Body Mind Balancing

At The Feet of The master
Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body

Many everyday discomforts and tensions arise from the fact that we are alienated from our bodies. With the help of Body Mind Balancing, we can learn to talk to and reconnect with our bodies. After just a short time, we begin to appreciate how much the body has been working for us and supporting us, and from this new perspective we can find new ways to work with the body and create a more harmonious balance of body and mind.
The guided meditation process, "Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind" is a CD that accompanies the text. Developed by Osho, this meditative therapy guides the listener in reconnecting with his or her body and creating a new and greater sense of well being.

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14.95 Paperback, includes CD with Guided Meditation


  India My Love

India My LoveFragments of a Golden Past.

This beautifully illustrated volume is Osho's tribute to the India he describes in the following excerpt: 'And down the centuries, seekers have been coming to this land from all over the world. The country is poor, the country has nothing to offer, but to those who are sensitive it is the richest place on the earth. But the richness is of the inner. This poor country can give you the greatest treasure that is possible for human beings.'
Indulge your inner being with a journey into the mystic heart of India with an enlightened Master as a guide. Osho's extraordinary gift for storytelling brings a uniquely contemporary freshness to the tales of India's golden past. His lively talks animate the enchanted landscape of a land that even today continues to intrigue and attract the seeker and adventurer within us all.

Beautifully illustrated with photos of some of India's most sacred places, India My Love is a mystery tour with Osho as guide and storyteller. In its pages we are taken on a journey through India's 'golden past,' and into its haunting presence. Along the way we are introduced to beggars and kings, wise men and fools, lovers and warriors, artists and scholars, and learn how each of them has contributed to the rich tapestry of mysticism and mystery that makes India unique to the human search for truth.

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  At The Feet of The Master

At The Feet of The master
A Compilation about Disciplehood

This handsome volume of Osho's words, illustrated with black and white photos of Osho and sannyasins in the commune, is a compilation from thirty published darshan diaries. Osho speaks directly and intimately to individuals, addressing issues concerned with their personal growth: What is a disciple? What is a master? What does it mean to take sannyas? These and the innumerable other aspects of the search read with such relevance in today's world.

 'Ma Anand Savita was present nearly every night of these darshans and has taken care to reflect every color in the rainbow, choosing from many volumes of source material...
It's all here: the possibility of the impossible.

Carol Neiman,
author of 'Afterlife' and 'Miracles'

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  After Middle Age: A Limitless Sky

After Middle Age: A Limitless SkyA slim paperback that shows how to transform the so-called mid-life crisis into an opportunity to blossom.

'Maturity has nothing to do with your life experiences. It has something to do with your inward journey, experiences of the inner... Maturity has a fragrance.
It gives tremendous beauty to the individual. It gives intelligence, the sharpest possible intelligence.' Osho

This heartwarming compilation booklet is full of wonderful insight and uplifting humor.
Osho invites the open individual to gracefully surrender the things of youth and embrace beauty, freedom and wisdom.

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