Take It Really Seriously

Take It Really Seriously
A Revolutionary Insight into Jokes

A prologue on the psychology of jokes and 30 chapters of Osho's wit, la crème de la crème.

'I have been using laughter itself as a device to wake you up.... My own experience says to me that if you can laugh rightly, in the right moment, it will bring you out of unconsciousness into the open sky, from the darkness to the light.... Just for a moment you have entered into another space where you are total and whole and healed.' Osho

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  Rebellion Revolution & Religiousness

Rebellion Revolution & Religiousness
Osho taught that all the established religions of the past are spiritually bankrupt, and urged each individual to theologically decondition themselves as a prelude to true enlightenment. 'I don't preach revolution. I am utterly against revolution. My word for the future, and for those who are intelligent enough in the present, is 'rebellion'. Rebellion is individual action; it has nothing to do with the crowd. It is spiritual metamorphosis.'

The book begins: 'Having sown the seed, I leave.
you see to it that the seed does not remain only a seed....' Osho

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  Priests and Politicians: The Mafia of the Soul

Priests and PoliticiansA slim paperback with Osho's insights on politics and organized religions.

'You have to be aware who the real criminals are in this world. That's why I speak against the priests and religions, because I don't want any single loophole for you. You have to be aware who the criminals are. The problem is that those criminals are thought to be great leaders, sages, saints, mahatmas, and they are respected tremendously around the world, so you will never think that they can be criminals. So I have to insist continuously, every day. For example, it is easier to understand that perhaps politicians are the causes of many problems: wars, murders, massacres, burning people. It is even more difficult when it comes to religious leaders, because nobody has raised his hand against them. They have remained respectable for centuries, and as time goes on their respectability goes on growing. The most difficult job for me is to make you aware that these people -- knowingly or unknowingly, that does not matter --have created this world.'

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  Emotional Wellness

Take It Really SeriouslyTransforming Fear, Anger, and Jealousy into Creative Energy

Emotions cannot be permanent. That’s why they are called “emotions”—the word comes from “motion,” movement. They move; hence, they are “emotions.” From one to another you continually change. This moment you are sad, that moment you are happy; this moment you are angry, that moment you are compassionate. This moment you are loving, another moment full of hatred; the morning was beautiful, the evening is ugly. And this goes on. This cannot be your nature, because behind all these changes something is needed like a thread that holds all of them together. Just as in a garland you see flowers, you don’t see the thread, but the thread is what is holding all the flowers, in the same way these emotions are all flowers. Sometimes anger flowers, sometimes happiness, sometimes pain sometimes anguish. But these are all flowers, and your whole life is the garland. There must be thread; otherwise you would have fallen apart long ago. You continue as an entity—so what is the thread, the polestar? What is permanent in you?  The book includes:

  • The impact that fear, anger, and jealousy have on our lives
  • How emotions like guilt, insecurity, and fear are used to manipulate us
  • How to break out of unhealthy patterns of dealing with strong emotions
  • How to transform destructive emotions into creative energy
  • The role of society and culture on our individual emotional “styles”

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