The Heart Sutra

The Heart SutraDiscourses on the Heart Sutra, the Prajnaparamita Hridayam Sutra of Gautam the Buddha reveal his essential teachings: the merging of negative and positive, the insubstantiality of the ego, and the buddha-nature of all of existence. In his inimitable way Osho brings these archaic yet invaluable insights right to the doorstep of the contemporary inquirer. He also speaks on the seven chakras and the corresponding facets in man - the physical, psychosomatic, psychological, psycho-spiritual, spiritual, spiritual-transcendental and transcendental..

'Treatises on Buddhism are often dry and reverential, if not tediously scholastic, and if Osho's treatment is not canonical, it compensates by throbbing with life, humor, penetrating insight and the continual provocation
to think for oneself'.
Guy Claxton, Author of 'Noises from the Darkroom'

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  The Diamond Sutra

The Diamond Sutra
Buddha pours his wisdom to Subhuti on the verge of this disciple's enlightenment. Discourses on the Vajrachchhedika Prajnaparamita Sutra:
The sutra on the 'perfection of wisdom that cuts like a thunderbolt.'

'Buddha has propounded not religion, but religiousness. And this is a great radical change in the history of human consciousness.' Osho

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  The Dhammapada, 12 Vol. set. SPECIAL OFFER
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The Dammapada, 12 Vol, setOsho calls the incomparable Dhammapada sutras of Buddha, 'The Book of Books.' He explains that these sutras are concerned with aspects of man's unawareness, and that Buddha's whole message is concerned with the raising of our consciousness. Entering into The Dhammapada with Osho is to enter into a deep friendship of enlightened masters. These sutras were compiled by Buddha's disciples to contain the essence of all his teachings.

This was the last turning of the Wheel of Dharma, 2,500 years ago.
Osho's commentaries on these sutras set the Wheel of Dharma in motion again.

Osho also answers questions from disciples and other seekers in alternate discourses all generously sprinkled with stories, personal anecdotes and, of course, a multitude of jokes. Visually this boxed set is stunning, without doubt a collector's piece and twelve volumes to dive into for years to come.

'Now that religion has become just a formality, and the burning messages of the buddhas who have been on earth degraded to mere formal faith, the message of Osho who has reached to such dazzling heights of human consciousness through his own experience, is incomparable in its strength to pierce the beauty within our hearts.'
Boston Club, Japan

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  The Book of Wisdom (Vol.1 & 2)HC

Discourses on Atisha's
Seven Points of Mind Training

The complete series of talks that Osho gave on the Indian mystic Atisha are combined for the first time in a handsome new hard-back edition. Atisha's fundamental teaching is outlined in 'The Seven Points of Mind Training' he devised and which Osho describes as being of inestimable value. He suggests that the seeker 'meditate on Atisha, listen to his advice.

'This is not a philosophy, it is a manual to discipline yourself, it is a manual for inner transformation. It is a book that can help you grow into wisdom.'
An extraordinary journey into the world of an incredible early Buddhist mystic.

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This Very Body The Buddha

"Singing and dancing, all is the voice of truth. Wide is the heaven of boundless Samadhi, radiant the full moon of the fourfold wisdom. What remains to be sought? Nirvana is clear before him, this very place the lotus paradise, this very body the Buddha."

"Remember the word ‘this’. This very place the lotus paradise. . . And once you have known your source, wherever you are, you are in the lotus paradise.

"This very place the lotus paradise, and this very body the Buddha.

"And whatsoever you do – whatsoever, without any conditions – is the expression of truth."

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